Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Find your sunset view now!

A reminder to find a good spot to watch the sunset from, because that's where all the action is in this month's sky.

With Venus so low and Jupiter getting lower, you need a good view to the southwest to see them. I finally saw them last , on the way to an event we passed along a road with a great view over the river. My house has a lot of trees and houses between me and the setting sun, so I haven't been able to see Venus from my house yet this season. With a clear horison, though, I spotted Venus right away. It's one of my favorite views: the brilliant white beacon against the fading colours of sunset. Jupiter was visible almost immediately thereafter, to Venus' left and slightly higher in the sky.

It's only two weeks to the "big show", when Jupiter and Venus and the crescent moon will cluster in the southwest after sunset - a sight not to be missed. Make sure you find a spot to observe from now, free of trees and houses and too many bright lights. The best view will be December 1st and 2nd, but anytime leading up to that or afterwards will be a good view as well (although the moon will be out of the picture). Binoculars are a nice addition but not required for this event.

Clear skies!


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